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Koh Gen Do Cleansing Water 380ml

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The hot spring water rich in minerals, birch sap, 6 types of herbs all over the skin, cleansing, keeps moisture of the skin.
With oil and alcohol not used, firmly remove the makeup and dirt of the skin while touching the skin gently.
Moisturizing ingredients: hot spring water (Izumo Yumura hot spring water), birch sap.
Skin Cleansing Components: Wormwood Leaf extract, Rosemary extract, Lavender extract, Sage Leaf extract, Shiso Leaf extract, Ginger Root extract.

How to use:

Take the cotton and put on cleansing water.
As a guide, it is about 500 yen coin size.
Let's take plenty of it as it gets on the back of the cotton.
Close your eyes and put on top of the eye make-up cotton soaked in cleansing water.
Wait a few seconds and let's slide from top to bottom.
Wipe the eye makeup under the eyes from the inside to the outside.
Take cleansing water in cotton in the same way as the first, turn off the base makeup.