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ZEESEA Shine Diamond Washable Colored Mascara

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Color: Dark Cerulean
This mascara design is inspired by modern technology, the overall design is simple, yet unique and stands out. The moon-shaped mascara brush makes the experience of applying a breeze. We have a variety of colors and a variety of brush heads to meet the makeup needs of various occasions.

This mascara uses a quick-drying formula that gives you a long-lasting style; the addition of growth fibers will give you longer and thicker lashes after just one use. This mascara is waterproof, to leave you with luscious lashes no matter what.

We have prepared a variety of colors and brush heads, to meet the shape of an eyelash and the color of any eye, so that your eyes become the highlight of your makeup every time.

How to Use :

1. Use an eyelash curler
2. Brush from the root of the eyelashes to the tip of the eyelashes
3. Gently press on the tip of the eyelashes, curling, and shaping
4. To remove the mascara, use makeup remover