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ZEESEA X Picasso Velvet Matte Lipstick

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Color: #918 Seated Woman

The combination of Picasso's classical art colors and modern technology achieves the pinnacle of cosmetics. Ultra-high grade, exquisitely crafted shells, made with 3D printing technology. These products restore the beauty of Picasso's great paintings. This series is as detail-oriented as Picasso's paintings and is a work of art in itself and very worth collecting.

This new matte velvety lipstick features pigment-rich matte colors. It glides right on and stays in place with a velvety matte finish. Made with a natural formula with vitamin E, vegetable oil, and other natural ingredients to lock in water and achieve a long-lasting moisturizing effect. Non-caking and nondrying, you get a beautiful and attractive matte lip color the moment you apply this lipstick. Incredibly long-lasting feature leaves your lips with a creamy matte finish and intense color, it's just what your lips need!

Tips about applying lipstick:

1. Use a lip balm or a non-colored lipstick to make a base for the lips.

2. Draw the lip line with a colorless or light-colored lip liner to outline your own lip, use a lip brush to apply lipstick to this range.

3. After applying the lipstick, you can use a paper towel to rub or use a puff to take a small amount of loose powder, and gently press the lips to make the lipstick more durable.